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Water Shortage for 3 Billion People in 2025

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Experiment in Taizou, China

​       December 10, 2019 


Portable device capable of 1 Litter/hour carried from Japan.


Polluted (Left) to Pure Water(Right)


Improve Existing Facility

Ordinary desalination plant like RO(Reverse Osmosis) exhausts high-salinity and polluted sea water back to ocean.

In order to solve this problem, we propose to use our desalination device. This plan is ​named "Remora Strategy". In RO, 3 seawater input is converted to 1 pure water and 2 high-salinity water is exhausted. Out device should convert this exhaust to pure water, solving pollution problem. In addition, production of pure water increased by 3 times.

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