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Inconvenient Truth of Electric Vehicle


       No Lithium

    No Charging Station

​    Too Expensive Battery


 Lithium Exists in Ocean?


It is often said that ocean contains large amount of Lithium.

However, Lithium resource in whole ocean is only 250 billion tones. In contract,magnesium resource is 1.8 quadrillion tones.

Getting 1 billion tones of Lithium needs 1/250 of whole sea water on Earth. This corresponds to 30 m depth of Pacific Ocean !!

   Charging Problem

Electric Vehicle can run 600km with 100kWh battery. If we charge this battery within 1 minute like gasoline pumping, however, we need electricity of 6MW. Consider 1 house uses 10kW at peak, this corresponds to electricity of 600 houses. Once all the charging stations spontaneously  charge EV, we meet tremendous fluctuation of electricity supply. 

It is said that when battery is

improved, charging time should

be very short within a minute

and there would be no problem

of charging. However, real

problem is not for battery

but for electric power supply.


Why we need Yabe Magnesium Battery for EV


compare e.gif

On-Board Magnesium Battery can Charge the Lithium Battery during Crusing

Yabe Magnesium battery provides 1.5kWh/kg . For 100kWh, 67kg magnesium  is used. If the lithium battery is charged with 20kW during 5 hhours, magnesium battery size will be 56cmx72cmx80cm which can be installed in the trunk of the car.

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