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Magnesium combustion thermal power plant

Magnesium generates almost the same amount of heat as coal and burns. When burning, it reacts with oxygen in the water. When oxygen is sprayed on the generated hydrogen, it becomes water, so only high-temperature steam comes out. It just generates electricity as a steam turbine. At this time, only water is generated, and no greenhouse gas is emitted. It's just clean energy. This dream power cycle, which can also recycle spent fuel, was published in a world-famous magazine in 2006.


Magnesium thermal power plant concept

So what about a specific magnesium power plant? From the left, a mixture of water and magnesium is injected. Oxygen is injected from the top and hydrogen becomes water. From the right, only steam is ejected to turn the turbine and generate electricity. By the way, what about magnesium and water? Magnesium at this time is a thin piece of about 1 cm. Water and magnesium are together, but not dissolved,

​ This injection experiment is also introduced below.

Fuel supply experiment

​ This is an experiment in which a mixture of magnesium flakes and water is supplied from the top of the combustion chamber. If you close the lower valve and open the upper valve, a certain amount of fuel will flow in during this time, and after closing the upper valve, open the lower valve and the fuel will enter the combustion chamber. You can see the lamp lit by the generator in the center of the wheel.

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