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Magnesium Recycling Society

The Magnesium Civilization concept proposed by Yabe,
Professor Emeritus of Tokyo Institute of Technology in2004 
Solves14 of the17SDGs issues


In the magnesium civilization ,

Thermal power plants burn magnesium instead of coal, petroleum and natural gas Realize energy that does not generate carbon dioxide

Electric vehicles run on magnesium fuel cells, which do not require charging station Petroleum replaces magnesium and does not emit any carbon dioxide.

1800 trillion tons of magnesium in the sea (for 100,000 years of oil)
Supply energy to the world

We have also developed a new type of seawater desalination device that extracts magnesium from the sea. We will supply water for 3.7 billion people, which will be in short supply by 2050.

Spent fuel uses energy such as solar power, wind power, and geothermal power and lasers.
​ Can be combined and recycled to the original fuel.



Magnesium Recycling Society

Now that global warming is becoming more serious, an energy system that does not depend on fossil fuels is awaited. Solar energy is the ultimate renewable energy, but its instability makes it a major energy alternative to thermal power plants, as it is limited to daytime and can only be used in sunny weather. A large-capacity energy storage system is essential for ready-to-use. Wind and sun are different from where energy is obtained and where it is used, so we need a way to transport it. Due to their loss, transmission lines have limited distances, and relying on a small number of cables to transport energy can easily disrupt power transmission in the event of terrorism or disaster.


Yabe proposed in 2004 to use the chemical energy of magnesium as a method of such energy storage and transportation. The heat and hydrogen obtained from the reaction between magnesium and water are used for turbines, piston engines, fuel cells, etc. The reaction product   is reduced back to the original magnesium to form a sound material energy system. Solar-excited lasers and systems that combine other power sources such as wind and hydraulics with semiconductor lasers can be used to regenerate this magnesium. If this can be achieved, even unstable energy can be stored and transported in the form of magnesium.


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History of Magnesium Recycling Society


World's First Proposed Paper on Magnesium Circulation Society

  Applied Physics Letters (2006) ​

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