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Why is a Magnesium Recycling Society Necessary?

Solar energy cannot be an alternative energy

​ Many people often argue with the average value, but in the case of the sun, as shown below, the average value is 4 hours a day even if there is no sunshine for 4 days. However, it would be a problem without electricity for 4 days. You will need a storage battery to store these four days.

​ This is a 10.8 billion kWh storage battery, which is not very feasible.


Storage of hydrogen energy is a problem

Hydrogen has a small volume density, and even at high pressure, it is nearly an order of magnitude smaller than gasoline as shown in the figure below. This is disadvantageous for transportation because the volume is an order of magnitude larger when transporting. As shown in the figure on the left below, with 700 atm of hydrogen, a weight of 7,000 tons is applied per 1 m square, making it impossible to make a large container. This also adds the weight of the container, which reduces the energy density per weight.

To store it as liquid hydrogen, it needs to be cooled to -253 degrees Celsius, but the power is enormous. Therefore, it is necessary to refrigerate only with heat insulating material, but if the full tank contains hydrogen or if a small amount remains, the amount of heat to hydrogen per unit volume will increase, making it impossible to store for a long time. increase.

For hydrogen storage alloys, etc., a method that does not use any energy for the storage and release of hydrogen has not been found at present ​.

​ If hydrogen is extracted from hydrocarbons such as methane and methanol, CO2 will be emitted and it is meaningless.


Energy currency

I advocate the concept of energy currency . Until now, the energy currency has been fossil fuels. Is there a new currency that will create an energy cycle in the future? The annual consumption of fossil fuels is 10 billion tons, so if you don't always think about this, the discussion will be empty. We believe that this is the only equivalent of magnesium, which has 1800 trillion tons of resources.

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